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Parramatta Carpet Cleaning specialists, Parra Carpet Cleaning, are experts in the field of Carpet Cleaning. But they also specialise in Furniture and Upholstery Cleaning, Rug Cleaning, Mattress Cleaning, Tile and Grout Cleaning, Stain and Odour Removal and Commercial and Corporate Cleaning. Call us at TBA for all your carpet cleaning requirements.


Parra Carpet Cleaning Ė the carpet cleaning Parramatta experts that residents trust with their carpets.

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Carpet Cleaning Parramatta


Do you remember the last time you cleaned your carpet? And weíre not talking about getting out a damp cloth and wiping up a little bit of wine or a piece of chocolate cake.

Weíre talking about a deep, hard, real good carpet clean, the kind of clean that brings your carpets back to their original colour.
Do you even remember what colour it used to be? Or have you gotten used to the dull, dirty, dusty carpet it has now become?
And, ok, maybe you think, ĎWell, I donít need to give it a deep carpet clean. I vacuum it every week.í

And thatís good Ö but itís not quite good enough.

Vacuuming doesnít get right down deep into the fibre of the carpet, where the real dirt and bacteria reside, but only sucks up what is on the surface layer. To really bring back the carpet to what it had once been, you need a full cleaning service from an experienced carpet cleaning contractor.
Like the ones we have at Parra Carpet Cleaning.
Most people hate carpet cleaning. And thatís fair enough. Itís not what we would call an exciting endeavor. You would never put it on the top of your To Do list and wait forward to beginning the task with fond expectation. It takes time, and it takes effort and it takes a know-how most donít know.
But we at Parra Carpet Cleaning are excited at what doesnít excite you. Carpet Cleaning is in our DNA. It is what we do, and it is what we enjoy doing.


About Us

Our friendly contractors at Parra Carpet Cleaning have years of experience in the field of carpet cleaning. They have the skills and technical know-who to bring your gritty, dirty, dusty, bacteria-ridden carpets back to their beautiful, lush, and above all, clean prime.
Think about it. Think about that feeling of being able to walk on your carpet barefoot, scrunching your toes in the deep thread after the end of a tough day at work. Think about not feeling like you need to scrub your feet afterwards.
The feeling doesnít have to just live in your imagination. There is no reason for it not to be a reality.
And our services are not just limited to carpets. Or even just to your own home. Think about the carpet in your office; think of the smell of a nice, clean carpet all day.
Or how about your rugs and upholstery, clean and refreshed and smelling like new. Or your mattresses cleaned of the dust mites and bacteria that infest them, and your tiles and grout scrubbed fresh of growing mildew and mould.
At Parra Carpet Cleaning our friendly staff are waiting for your call. We know you will not be disappointed.



Do I Need To Clean My Carpets?


Carpets come under a lot of stress each and every day due to foot traffic, shoe traffic, and even paw traffic. Mum and dad bring in the dust from outside at the end of a hard day; young children are, for all intents and purposes, a food-spill waiting to happen; older kids barely take any notice of what is happening, and even less notice of what they tracked in from outside; and pets Ö well, pets shed hair. Lots of hair.
And pee.
Which stinks. A lot.
This is what your carpets have to contend with on a daily basis. Some places are high traffic areas and have to contend with it more often, and these are the places that are more likely to become dull and gritty and smelling of wet dog. Places like the front hallway from your door, the area around your couch, your bedroom and main thoroughfare.
Clean carpets make a home look alive and welcoming. How often do you invite people into your home when you know you carpets are dirty, dull and reeking of dog urine? Probably not too often? But when you have clean carpets, with that amazing clean carpet smell, your house feels more welcoming and so do you.
And it is not just the looks that improve. Carpets house dirt, dust, bacteria and debris deep within the carpet fibers. A vacuuming canít get down to that level, but a good thorough carpet clean can.
And cleaning your carpets of this of all this stuff can really improve your health.

How Can Cleaning My Carpets Improve My Health?


When you walk on your carpets, your footsteps disturb the carpet fibres. Dirt and dust and bacteria can become airborne, and once in the air, can be breathed into your lungs.
Now, perhaps this doesnít affect you. You might be particularly healthy and the little contaminants in the air breathed into your lungs doesnít affect you. But if you are susceptible to breathing problems like asthma, or allergies, or skin problems like eczema, the contaminants from a dirty carpet could really affect you.
Simple vacuuming, while something that you should include on your regular To-Do List, is not enough. Vacuuming only sucks up the dirt, dust and bacteria from the surface layer of your carpet, leaving most of the stuff down-trodden into your carpet fibres alone. A thorough carpet clean can get down to those lower layers, giving you a fresh, clean, healthy carpet that you canít get from vacuuming alone.

How Often Should I Clean My Carpets?


A trite answer would be Ďmore often than you do at the moment.í
A more helpful answer depends on you, your family and your environment.
Letís say you are a person who lives alone: no kids, no partner, no pets other than the Pet Rock kind; your social-life can be summed up as Ďnon-existentí, you are a clean freak and you donít smoke Ö We would recommend a thorough carpet clean one every twelve months.
Now, letís add a kid to the mix. Or a pet. Or youíve taken up smoking, or have decided to be more social and invite people into your home. We would then recommend a thorough clean every six to nine months.
But, now, letís say youíve got the full house. Youíve got kids, youíve got pets, you smoke and you are a social butterfly.  Then, we would recommend you clean your carpets every three months, particularly in those high-foot traffic zones like near your front entranceway.


Carpet Cleaning


Carpets use many different types of fibers, some of which include wool, nylon, acrylic, polypropylene and polyester, and the fibres are cut in many different styles, some of which are as Loop Pile, Cut Pile and Plush Pile. Each carpet type and cut type combinations have their own quirks; some are more prone to being stained, others are easier to clean.
When cleaning carpets, the type of carpet and the cut of the carpet needs to be taken into consideration. Some carpets can handle tougher cleans, others need a more caring approach, and a one-size fits-all approach is not advisable, and is why you need the services of a professional carpet cleaning company.

​Upholstery Cleaning


We spend large parts of our day sitting on our furniture, usually watching TV, sometimes eating. How often do we think about how clean our furniture and upholstery is? Dust mites, layers of skin, crumbs, drink, sugar Ö and all the tiny microscopic creatures that live off that stuff, are sharing our furniture with us.
With our furniture and upholstery cleaning service, you wonít have to worry about. Weíll clean it all up until it looks and smells like new.

Commercial and Corporate Cleaning


We not only offer up all these services to domestic customers, but we have cleaning services for commercial and corporate customers as well.

​So, if you manage a hotel, or a cinema, if youíre in charge of an office block, and many other types of businesses who have carpets, rugs, furniture and upholstery, tile and grout, our expert cleaning professionals are ready and waiting for your call. No job is too big.

Tile and Grout Cleaning


You might be asking yourself what Tiles and Grout have to do with Carpets. Well, we consider our cleaning services to be a health service, and a lot of the reasons why you should clean your carpets apply for why you should also clean your tiles and grout.
Your kitchen and bathroom tiles often get wet, and so can harbour bacteria and germs, mould and mildew. As these are places where food is being prepared and where we clean ourselves, these tiles and grout should be rigorously and regularly cleaned.

Rug Cleaning


Rugs add that splash of colour and individualism to a room. We use them to cover hard floors in often high-trafficked areas. As such, rugs require the same cleaning services that carpets do.
And like carpets, there are many different types of rug materials. And like carpets, not every time of material can be cleaned with the same cleaning process.
Weíve worked with many different types of rugs, like Oriental Rugs, Persion Rugs, Shag Rugs and Handmade Rugs to name only the tip of the iceberg, so we know which rug material requires which type of cleaning service.

Stains and Odour Removal


We all make mistakes. We all have accidents. We drop food, and drinks. Our kids have sticky hands, and our pets often take a while to be toilet trained (as do our kids).
We try to clean up after ourselves, but our efforts donít always clean up everything. And even sometimes when we think we do get everything, thereís that strange small that we canít quite place and canít get rid of.
But thatís nothing to worry about. Our specialized chemical carpet treatment can help remove stains and strange odours and bring your carpets and rugs and furniture back to life.

Mattress Cleaning


We spend a third of our lives asleep on a mattress. Over time, our mattress becomes a microscopic horror film set with bacteria, flaked off skin cell, dust mites and their excrement. Yes, you read right, excrement. Dust mites excrete more than their body weight.
It would make sense if you never want to sleep again, but the solution is simple. You just need to get your mattress professionally cleaned by our specially trained contractors.